Trade Show Booth Design and Strategy

AccessESP trade show booth design and strategy were created for AccessESP’s branding and lead generation through the 2016 season so our exhibition goals were multifaceted. Graphics and booth configuration must use the corporate trade dress, communicate the strengths of the new brand, identify ESP conveyance innovation, and provide a quality backdrop for in-booth displays. Our messaging had to introduce AccessESP to the marketplace with relatable visuals for domestic and global audiences. We also had to reassure ESP providers that AccessESP was not competition, but an ESP marketplace enabler.


Their technology benefits the ESP artificial lift market, including ESP providers. It was imperative to showcase this differentiation, along with the new company name and focus. We held in-depth strategy sessions yielding a creative brief, project timeline, and approved design & development directives. Our theme creatively used “Access” to play off the name (i.e. Access Your Reservoir) while promoting product differentiation & technology strengths (i.e. minimal down time). We used dynamic visuals to communicate universally to a global audience, designed for multi-show usage.

Our creative efforts spanned space selection, technical collateral, booth theme, graphic design, giveaways, digital displays, in-booth presentations and hospitality. The booth backlighting, the high-impact graphics, and the sheer scale of the booth set AccessESP apart from other exhibitors. Our pre-show photo shoot visually enhanced the branding and our message quickly communicated how AccessESP could help their global clients, while enticing people into the booth to learn more. ESP conveyance clients and competitors positively inquired about the design and development.

We engineered the booth for the strongest visual and technical impact to help shorten their sales cycle; make contact with new leads; interact with potential buyers; expand brand publicity, showcase experts and technology; and gather market intelligence. We reached current clientele and into the global ESP market through pre-show invites, digital publicity, social media, and giveaways. Our March-May efforts yielded a 126% increase on LinkedIn, 150% on Google+, 83% increase on Twitter, 34% increase on Facebook, significant web traffic growth, numerous sales leads and new clients.