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Recent Fostering Ideas Articles – Tapping into Media Minds: Tips to Sell Your Story to an Industry Publication

Your company is doing great things. You just developed a new technological innovation that is a step change for the industry. Or, you just got the results back from a field trial on your new equipment and the client is extremely pleased. Or, your amazing team of forward-thinkers has come up with a new and improved way of approaching problems that have foxed and foiled other industry players for decades.

You’re proud of what your colleagues and your company are achieving. But this isn’t the time for only quiet congratulations amongst them. If you want your clients to be assured that they’re working with an innovative company; if you want potential clients to give you a call; if you want your competitors to break a little sweat, then you need to recognize where the story is and shout it from the rooftops. Luckily, the media are there to help you do just that. But, in such a noisy environment, sometimes you need to fight to be heard.


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