The Psychology of Color

What is Your Palette Saying About Your Company?

By Laurel Hess, Account Executive

At Foster Marketing, our Vice President of Creative Services Vicki Wyatt is fondly referred to as “The Color Police.” When she sees new logo concepts or collateral mockups, the first thing out of her mouth is almost guaranteed to be about the use of color and the reasoning behind the particular choice of color: “Why did the artist choose this? What does it say about the company? What are we trying to convey?” And her personal favorite, “How will this print?”

The use of color, while often overlooked, can have a very strong impact on how consumers and potential clients perceive your company. According to research in the study, “The Impact of Color in Marketing,” 62 percent to 90 percent of consumers will make a snap decision on a product or company.

Understanding color psychology can help you use this information to your benefit. By playing upon color associations, you can instantly convey your company’s personality, image, plans for the future and your brand position.

Foster Marketing has created an infographic on the color of psychology for quick reference when crafting brand and sales material:


Color choice is not only important when designing brand elements; but it must also be considered when creating marketing material and advertising content – especially in the digital realm. Color associations can help boost digital conversion rates by attracting the eye and enticing a customer to click.

In 2010, a study was conducted regarding responses to various color combinations. This study found that the majority of people tend to favor color palettes with highly contrasting accent colors. This is especially important to consider when placing digital advertising. If the advertisement is appearing on a site with mostly blue colors, a blue button will not be nearly as impactful as a red or yellow button. The simple changing of a button color can impact conversion rates significantly.

Color is not a “set it and forget it” decision. While choosing a brand color can put you on the path in the right direction, it must be considered for every piece that a company produces. The entire Foster Marketing team strives to ensure that every sales piece and advertisement we produce puts your company’s best foot forward bringing the most bang for your buck.

What is your company’s color palette saying? Does it match how your company wants to be perceived?