Strengthen Marketing Efforts Through Social Media

When we launched Greene’s social channels, the three key goals were to promote the brand; build awareness that the company is an integrated services provider with a wide geographic reach; and strengthen and support marketing, event and PR efforts across the board. Launched with a branded look and a few representative posts, these social channels have grown in followers, likes, comments and employee submissions – all part of our early goals. As Greene’s has grown and changed as a company, so has it social presence, the range of posts and the interactivity within its network.

New Picture (2)A leading provider of integrated testing, rentals and specialty services for drilling, production, pipeline, construction and process operations, Greene’s tools and services improve productivity. Greene’s social channels showcase new products/services and company news to fans and followers first; offer videos from the field of equipment in action; spotlight Greene’s geographic reach; and offer glimpses of the type of company that people will want to work with. Post impressions and follower feedback are monitored for ongoing content planning, as well as new initiatives and events.

Multiple branded social channels help Greene’s touch audiences on their preferred platform with varied content showing services, geographic reach, news, stewardship and personality. We’ve learned what type of posts are favored by Greene’s followers, which factors into our planning. As clicks, impressions and likes can often be measured per post, we have quality insight on what, when and how to post content. For example, we launched an employee photo contest to gather images from the field level. The first two submissions gained 552 impressions in one month on Facebook alone.

Building awareness requires getting the right messages out to a targeted audience. For Greene’s, social media posts netted at total reach of 1,258 on Facebook alone in one week, including 270 people engaged (125 likes, 48 comments, 7 shares and 355 clicks).  A recent new hire post had a reach of 1,200 and an engagement level of 313 on a single post. Google+ has logged 54,424 total views; 3,567 followers on LinkedIn; 3,318 views on a video posted to YouTube; and 197 Twitter followers all have expanded Greene’s ability to get marketing messages into the desired hands in numerous ways.

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