Case Studies

Our goal is to get results, whether that means attracting media attention, building a brand or increasing online reach. What impact can proactive oil and gas marketing communications have? Check out these results and look for more success stories in the future.

Trade Show Booth Design and Strategy

AccessESP trade show booth design and strategy were created for AccessESP’s branding and lead generation through the 2016 season so our exhibition goals were multifaceted. Graphics and booth configuration must use the corporate trade dress, communicate the strengths of the new brand, identify ESP conveyance innovation, and provide a quality backdrop for in-booth displays. Our messaging had to introduce AccessESP to the marketplace with relatable visuals for domestic and global audiences. We also had to reassure ESP providers that AccessESP was not competition, but an ESP marketplace enabler. Read More

Responsive Web Design a Must

MPG Pipeline Contractors tasked Foster Marketing with creating a responsive design, user-friendly website on a content management system – with approximately 25 pages – with the capability to expand. The new site applied the existing brand standard and gave it a modern look and feel to display the updated logo and company progression. The marketing goal was to best exhibit the expertise and quality that MPG brings to projects through strong visuals and clear messaging. We had a six-week timeline that concluded with a social media and eblast launch. Read More

All Eyes Here – Building Awareness

Variable Bore Rams Inc. is a leading OEM blowout preventer ram provider serving the oil and gas industry. With more than 35 years in this sector, VBR provides Cameron, GE Hydril and NOV (Shaffer) rams worldwide. With its vision of being the world’s leading OEM blowout preventer ram provider, Variable Bore Rams partnered with Foster Marketing to expand its reach in the marketplace. Read More

Refreshing the Brand

TIW provides innovative, custom-engineered technologies that help meet customers’ evolving production challenges. TIW’s ability to provide solutions that customers cannot get elsewhere and to do whatever it takes to solve their problem differentiates them from competitors. Continuing to build on a long and proud tradition of innovation and commitment to, “Get the job done right wherever and whenever the call comes,” TIW challenged Foster Marketing to re-position and refresh its brand, and to launch an aggressive marketing communications program for 2015. Read More

Technology Launch

CARBO Ceramics is the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramic proppants which are used to increase oil and gas production in wells. In the fall of 2013, CARBO launched a new proppant, KRYPTOSPHERE™ – an ultra-conductive, ultra-high strength ceramic proppant engineered to maximize and sustain hydrocarbon flow at high stresses for the life of a well. Read More

Event Marketing Campaign

LAGCOE is an oil and gas trade show in Lafayette, La., that has been growing for 60 years. The goal of the show is to bring new technologies, industry education and networking opportunities to those that not only exhibit at the show but also attend while also keeping its unique South Louisiana personality. LAGCOE engaged Foster Marketing to develop and employ a complete marketing campaign to build up its reputation as a go-to venue for not only exhibiting and technical sessions but also to increase attendance.. Read More ...

Website Development

BCCK Engineering specializes in helping gas producers generate revenue from previously by-passed reserves by providing efficient and optimized gas processing solutions. BCCK partnered with Foster Marketing to design and develop a website to effectively showcase its areas of expertise, project successes and engage potential customers. Read More ...

Integrated Marketing Communications

TIW Corporation, a 95-year-old company providing innovative, custom-engineered drilling and completion solutions for the oil and gas industry, realized that it needed to reinvigorate its brand, introduce a broader portfolio for products and services and refocus its marketing activities on a new growth strategy. Read More ...