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Trade Show Booth Design and Strategy

AccessESP trade show booth design and strategy were created for AccessESP’s branding and lead generation through the 2016 season so our exhibition goals were multifaceted. Graphics and booth configuration must use the corporate trade dress, communicate the strengths of the new brand, identify ESP conveyance innovation, and provide a quality backdrop for in-booth displays. Our messaging had to introduce AccessESP to the marketplace with relatable visuals for domestic and global audiences. We also had to reassure ESP providers that AccessESP was not competition, but an ESP marketplace enabler.


Their technology benefits the ESP artificial lift market, including ESP providers. It was imperative to showcase this differentiation, along with the new company name and focus. We held in-depth strategy sessions yielding a creative brief, project timeline, and approved design & development directives. Our theme creatively used “Access” to play off the name (i.e. Access Your Reservoir) while promoting product differentiation & technology strengths (i.e. minimal down time). We used dynamic visuals to communicate universally to a global audience, designed for multi-show usage.

Our creative efforts spanned space selection, technical collateral, booth theme, graphic design, giveaways, digital displays, in-booth presentations and hospitality. The booth backlighting, the high-impact graphics, and the sheer scale of the booth set AccessESP apart from other exhibitors. Our pre-show photo shoot visually enhanced the branding and our message quickly communicated how AccessESP could help their global clients, while enticing people into the booth to learn more. ESP conveyance clients and competitors positively inquired about the design and development.

We engineered the booth for the strongest visual and technical impact to help shorten their sales cycle; make contact with new leads; interact with potential buyers; expand brand publicity, showcase experts and technology; and gather market intelligence. We reached current clientele and into the global ESP market through pre-show invites, digital publicity, social media, and giveaways. Our March-May efforts yielded a 126% increase on LinkedIn, 150% on Google+, 83% increase on Twitter, 34% increase on Facebook, significant web traffic growth, numerous sales leads and new clients.

Responsive Web Design a Must

MPG Pipeline Contractors tasked Foster Marketing with creating a responsive design, user-friendly website on a content management system – with approximately 25 pages – with the capability to expand. The new site applied the existing brand standard and gave it a modern look and feel to display the updated logo and company progression. The marketing goal was to best exhibit the expertise and quality that MPG brings to projects through strong visuals and clear messaging. We had a six-week timeline that concluded with a social media and eblast launch.

MPG provides construction services for domestic pipeline projects. Their clients include the largest energy infrastructure companies; therefore, quality, information accuracy and experience are vital. To showcase MPG’s philosophy of “Never Substitute Experience”, we tailored the website to reflect their mission, range of services, values, geographic reach, and depth of project experience using interactive features. The modern design, interactivity and efficiency reflect MPG’s commitment to excellence.

MPG excels in challenging environments and projects. We illustrate MPG’s competitive strengths through strategic messaging, present corporate citizenship on news pages, and encourage customer interaction via social media links and client comments. Creatively, we designed the site to showcase MPG’s integrity in all endeavors. The color palette builds on the corporate brand: silver indicative of pipeline construction; blacks and whites speak to efficiency, accuracy and integrity; and greens represent safety and environmental consciousness.

We launched the site in conjunction with a social media and email campaign, allowing us to see how customers interact with the new site. We applied analytics for tracking and SEO efforts that can be measured as the company continues to expand. After a successful launch (seeing 6,043 pageviews and 2,609 sessions the first month). Additionally, 84.20% of sessions are new users, positively impacting the MPG by building awareness; easing bid requests and company contact; and helping shorten the sales cycle.



Strengthen Marketing Efforts Through Social Media

When we launched Greene’s social channels, the three key goals were to promote the brand; build awareness that the company is an integrated services provider with a wide geographic reach; and strengthen and support marketing, event and PR efforts across the board. Launched with a branded look and a few representative posts, these social channels have grown in followers, likes, comments and employee submissions – all part of our early goals. As Greene’s has grown and changed as a company, so has it social presence, the range of posts and the interactivity within its network.

New Picture (2)A leading provider of integrated testing, rentals and specialty services for drilling, production, pipeline, construction and process operations, Greene’s tools and services improve productivity. Greene’s social channels showcase new products/services and company news to fans and followers first; offer videos from the field of equipment in action; spotlight Greene’s geographic reach; and offer glimpses of the type of company that people will want to work with. Post impressions and follower feedback are monitored for ongoing content planning, as well as new initiatives and events.

Multiple branded social channels help Greene’s touch audiences on their preferred platform with varied content showing services, geographic reach, news, stewardship and personality. We’ve learned what type of posts are favored by Greene’s followers, which factors into our planning. As clicks, impressions and likes can often be measured per post, we have quality insight on what, when and how to post content. For example, we launched an employee photo contest to gather images from the field level. The first two submissions gained 552 impressions in one month on Facebook alone.

Building awareness requires getting the right messages out to a targeted audience. For Greene’s, social media posts netted at total reach of 1,258 on Facebook alone in one week, including 270 people engaged (125 likes, 48 comments, 7 shares and 355 clicks).  A recent new hire post had a reach of 1,200 and an engagement level of 313 on a single post. Google+ has logged 54,424 total views; 3,567 followers on LinkedIn; 3,318 views on a video posted to YouTube; and 197 Twitter followers all have expanded Greene’s ability to get marketing messages into the desired hands in numerous ways.

Greene’s Social Channels’s-energy-group

All Eyes Here – Building Awareness

Variable Bore Rams Inc. is a leading OEM blowout preventer ram provider serving the oil and gas industry. With more than 35 years in this sector, VBR provides Cameron, GE Hydril and NOV (Shaffer) rams worldwide. With its vision of being the world’s leading OEM blowout preventer ram provider, Variable Bore Rams partnered with Foster Marketing to expand its reach in the marketplace.

vbr_336x280_WO_Sept_staticThrough targeted print advertising placements and an extensive digital advertising effort, VBR has garnered results through substantial attention.  In a one-month period, the company is now seeing 3,393 pageviews; 1,357 sessions and 84.3% new visitor traffic. Due to awareness campaign efforts, specific campaign landing pages are consistently seeing more traffic than the homepage and longer time-on-site numbers have been noted. Hundreds of click-thrus – and new eyeballs – are coming to the each month from digital ad placement across multiple industry sites.

Proven positions that attract more clicks and have a higher visibility are incorporated into a yearly plan that spreads out placements across several industry publications to reach a broader industry segment. The preferences of those working in the oil and gas market are taken into consideration, so e-newsletter and online placements are combined across multiple publication channels.

As click-thru rates nationally decline (.2% to .25% according to recent averages), VBR is seeing a better return on their investment with CTRs averaging .41% – with some campaigns hitting 1 percent to 9 percent highs.


To keep click-thru rates high, ad creative is frequently changed. In addition, multiple messages have been incorporated into the yearly plan including: “Rammy” the ram, 35th year anniversary, worldwide reach and VBR’s quality steps that separate it from competitors.

This digital program allows VBR to clearly see their return each month in clicks and impressions (eyeballs) on their ads. Additionally, monthly web reporting shows hundreds in referral traffic from industry publications and growing views of campaign landing pages. The biggest return on investment shown is, of course, traffic that arrives at VBR’s key destinations: the contact us page, request a bid form or contact us form. All of these are measured monthly and are continuing to perform well.

As we are planning for upcoming campaigns, all lessons learned from previous efforts such as button style, color, word choice, landing page preference and conversion rates can be factored in to build on past successes while growing awareness.


Refreshing the Brand

TIW provides innovative, custom-engineered technologies that help meet customers’ evolving production challenges. TIW’s ability to provide solutions that customers cannot get elsewhere and to do whatever it takes to solve their problem differentiates them from competitors.


Continuing to build on a long and proud tradition of innovation and commitment to, “Get the job done right wherever and whenever the call comes,” TIW challenged Foster Marketing to re-position and refresh its brand, and to launch an aggressive marketing communications program for 2015.

To meet this challenge and to apply TIW’s message of better economics and a greater return on investment to an ever-expanding array of custom-engineered solutions; fit-for-purpose manufacturing capabilities; streamlined processes; faster response to customer needs and reduced delivery schedules; Foster developed an integrated communications program that included a redesign of the existing website; new corporate and product advertising − both print and digital; extensive product literature; and a new look for its trade show exhibits.

TIW_show2With only a few months of exposure, the new look and focused message has already begun to impact TIW’s position in the market. TIW is consistently ranking at the top in product keyword searches. Website traffic, driven by the digital placements and print advertising, is on the rise with more than 6,000 visits (79 percent of those are new sessions) and more than 13,000 pageviews logged. TIW’s marketing director has said, “Awesome was the word I received back from our sales staff. The materials Foster Marketing developed have brought TIW to the forefront of branding and messaging. Our target audience now understands the value of TIW’s products and capabilities. The advertisements are creating interest and driving leads to our sales staff.”

The welcomed acceptance and overwhelming response to the new collateral and trade show materials has proven that TIW is still leading the way and will continue to deliver “Engineering Innovation Worldwide.”