All Eyes Here – Building Awareness

Variable Bore Rams Inc. is a leading OEM blowout preventer ram provider serving the oil and gas industry. With more than 35 years in this sector, VBR provides Cameron, GE Hydril and NOV (Shaffer) rams worldwide. With its vision of being the world’s leading OEM blowout preventer ram provider, Variable Bore Rams partnered with Foster Marketing to expand its reach in the marketplace.

vbr_336x280_WO_Sept_staticThrough targeted print advertising placements and an extensive digital advertising effort, VBR has garnered results through substantial attention.  In a one-month period, the company is now seeing 3,393 pageviews; 1,357 sessions and 84.3% new visitor traffic. Due to awareness campaign efforts, specific campaign landing pages are consistently seeing more traffic than the homepage and longer time-on-site numbers have been noted. Hundreds of click-thrus – and new eyeballs – are coming to the each month from digital ad placement across multiple industry sites.

Proven positions that attract more clicks and have a higher visibility are incorporated into a yearly plan that spreads out placements across several industry publications to reach a broader industry segment. The preferences of those working in the oil and gas market are taken into consideration, so e-newsletter and online placements are combined across multiple publication channels.

As click-thru rates nationally decline (.2% to .25% according to recent averages), VBR is seeing a better return on their investment with CTRs averaging .41% – with some campaigns hitting 1 percent to 9 percent highs.


To keep click-thru rates high, ad creative is frequently changed. In addition, multiple messages have been incorporated into the yearly plan including: “Rammy” the ram, 35th year anniversary, worldwide reach and VBR’s quality steps that separate it from competitors.

This digital program allows VBR to clearly see their return each month in clicks and impressions (eyeballs) on their ads. Additionally, monthly web reporting shows hundreds in referral traffic from industry publications and growing views of campaign landing pages. The biggest return on investment shown is, of course, traffic that arrives at VBR’s key destinations: the contact us page, request a bid form or contact us form. All of these are measured monthly and are continuing to perform well.

As we are planning for upcoming campaigns, all lessons learned from previous efforts such as button style, color, word choice, landing page preference and conversion rates can be factored in to build on past successes while growing awareness.